TOP周辺情報近くにスーパーはありますか?Are there supermarkets nearby?
最終更新日 : 2021/05/20

近くにスーパーはありますか?Are there supermarkets nearby?

ビッグ白馬店 車で約5分(9~21)
アップルランド白馬店 車で約10分(9~23)
A-COOP白馬店 車で約8分(9~19:30)

There are three supermarkets nearby.
Big Hakuba store, 5-min drive (9am -9pm)
Apple land Hakuba store, 8-min drive (9am – 11pm)
A-Coop Hakuba store, 8-min drive (9am – 7:30pm)
 Be mindful that House J is at the reception area of “Reposer Hakuba”. It is different from other houses so the driving time will be different as well.