TOPその他BBQ機材のレンタルには何がついていますか?What is included in the rental BBQ set?
最終更新日 : 2021/05/20

BBQ機材のレンタルには何がついていますか?What is included in the rental BBQ set?

1~3名:¥3,000/ 式・泊
4~7名:¥4,000/ 式・泊
8名以上:¥5,000/ 式・泊

A tent, light, table, chairs, a stove, net, iron plate, charcoal, ignitor, handheld fan, charcoal scissors, gloves, towels, tongs, spatula, disposable chopsticks, paper plates, paper cups, mosquito coils (Jul – Sep)
 Food and seasonings are not included.
<Rental fee>
1 to 3 people/Set 3000 yen
4 to 7 people/Set 4000 yen
8 people or more/Set 5000 yen
Please make your reservation before 5:00 p.m. of the previous day. (We don’t accept late reservation; your understanding would be appreciated.)

Certainly, you can bring your own BBQ equipment. Please inform our staff when check-in.