TOPData entry support toolT-1:The tool is not activated.
最終更新日 : 2024/02/09

T-1:The tool is not activated.

Please confirm the following.
- Did you unzip (extract a file compressed in zip format) the file of the downloaded data entry support tool?
There are many cases where the executable file of the data entry support tool is clicked before it is unzipped and therefore the tool is not activated, since the content of the folder can be checked without unzipping it.
- Didn’t you change the composition of the folders?
Didn’t you save the executable file on the desktop?
The composition and name of the folder “chemSHERPA” and its subordinate folders and the location and name of the files which will be generated when the file included in the downloaded data entry support tool is unzipped cannot be changed.
- Hasn’t a .Net Framework other than the Full edition been installed?
A particular .Net Framework is necessary to execute the data entry support tool. The software .Net Framework is provided by Microsoft free of charge.
- Please refer to the operating manual with regards to detailed information about how to prepare the data entry support tool and its execution environment.