TOP登録海外企業もPR TIMESに登録できますか?
最終更新日 : 2023/10/31

海外企業もPR TIMESに登録できますか?

PR TIMESでは、サービスの利用にあたり企業登録申請を行っていただいております。

なお、PR TIMESにてプレスリリースを登録・配信いただく際は日本語でプレスリリースを作成の上(日本語に併記した英語表記は可能です)、ご配信いただくようにお願いしております。

Overseas companies are also welcome to register.
PR TIMES requires companies to apply for registration in order to use the service.
When applying, please enter "0000000" as your company's zip code. Only English characters other than Japanese can be entered for company name and address.
The corporate registration screening process for overseas companies is the same as that for domestic companies. After our review and approval of your application, your company registration will be completed and you will be able to use the service.

When distributing press releases on PR TIMES, we request that press releases be written in Japanese (English can be used in addition to Japanese).

▼参考記事(Reference article)
【PR TIMESノウハウ】海外企業のPR TIMESへの企業登録申請方法は?